Game on the screen: Chef

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This is a classic pocket game from the Game&Watch series – Chef. You need to juggle with fish, sausages, steak and other products while trying not to fall to the floor. Otherwise, the cunning mouse will take them and eat them. And the cat in the meantime will prevent you from earning a point. Download for your device and remember your childhood!
You can see the video demonstration of the application using this link
The game works on PCs, laptops, tablets running Windows 8.1 / 10

and also on smartphones running mobile Windows 8.1 / 10

You can play as in the classical version, as well as with a lot of additional game parameters (choose the type of product, the speed of the game, the parameters of accounting and the dumping of penalty points …)

On the PC, you can use hotkeys:
A – starts the game A
B – starts game B
M – launches my game (game with your parameters)
P – pause
Left / right arrow keys – control the position of the cook

The application is available in the Windows Store in 242 countries around the world in 70 languages (including Esperanto – the language of international communication) is free. Esperantists download!

Go to Windows Store and download

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